Board to board: EconoStik™ at Rutronik

12/03/2020 Know-How

Versatile application possibilities: With the unshrouded 2.54 mm headers EconoStik™, FCI Basics offers a cost-effective and versatile product line that scores with customized plug and tail lengths and polarization. EconoStickTM is available under

FCI Basics offers the headers in single and double row versions for vertical or right-angled through-hole plating as well as for vertical surface mounting. In addition, EconoStik™ is a standard 0.64mm square header with a high-temperature resin and 0.0254µm gold plating in contact and tail. Up to 50 mating cycles are easily possible for the headers. 

They are primarily suitable for medium power applications, such as industrial controls, measurement/testing devices, vending/POS machines or surveillance devices.


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