At Rutronik's power portfolio: RECOM 100 W and 300 W DC/DCs in eight-brick format with high efficiency

01/20/2022 Know-How

Efficiency of >90 % even at low load: With the RPA100E and RPA300E series, RECOM is adding two new cost-efficient DC/DC products with outputs of 100 W and 300 W respectively in the DOSA-compatible, through-plated eighth-brick format (58.4 mm x 23 mm) to its portfolio. Both product series have a high-power density with a typical efficiency of 94.8 % (RPA300E) and 92 % (RPA100E). The high efficiency of more than 90 % is maintained even at low loads, making them suitable for applications with low standby losses. The eighth-brick DC/DCs are suitable for demanding applications in telecommunications, test and measurement as well as data centers, industrial automation and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The RECOM portfolio is available at

While the RPA100E-W has a wide 4:1 input range of 16-72 V for nominal voltages of 24 V, 28 V and 48 V, the 300 W version has a range of 36-75 V for nominal 48 V supplies. In addition, fully regulated trimmable 5 V and 12 V outputs (100 W) or 16-35 V (300 W) are available.

The RPA300E features an integrated heat spreader that allows direct screw mounting to a heat sink or cold wall. Full-load operation of this component without a heat sink is up to 60 °C with forced air and up to 85 °C with load derating.


Extensive protective measures
Both series have comprehensive protection against input undervoltage, short circuit, output overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature. Control is via on/off control or remote sensing.

The RPA100E and RPA300E series are certified to the UL/CAN/CSA 62368-1 safety standard for basic insulation and comply with the CISPR22 Class B EMC standard with an external filter.

The footprint of both devices conforms to industry-standard DOSA, with a profile of just 11 mm in the 100 W variant and 12.7 mm in the 300 W device. The standardized pinout is compatible with quarterbricks.


For more information about the 100 W and 300 W DC/DCs in eight-brick format from RECOM and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at:

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RECOM's RPA100E and RPA300E series offer two new cost-efficient DC/DC products in eighth-brick format with high efficiency of more than 90 percent.