Alliance Memory offers Replacement for Micron Technology SDRAMs

07/31/2019 Know-How

Alliance Memory offers replacements for the recently discontinued 8Gbit DDR3L single-die SDRAMs (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) from Micron Technology. Alliance is offering the original Micron part numbers and identical pin-for-pin drop-in replacements to secure long-term support and new designs.

Featuring a DDR architecture, the AS4C1G8D3LA and AS4C512M16D3LA provide a speed of 10ns, extremely fast data rates of 1866Mbps and clock rates of 933MHz. They are operating from a single +1.35V power supply, with backward compatibility to 1.5V. The AS4C1G8D3LA has a 8 banks x 128M x 8 configuration while the AS4C512M16D3LA is 8 banks x 64M x 16 configured.

The devices are available in commercial (0°C to +95°C), industrial (-40°C to +95°C), and automotive (-40°C to +105°C) temperature ranges. They are offered in 78-ball and 96-ball FBGA packages and are optimized for main memory applications in embedded / industrial designs.

The SDRAMs support sequential and interleave burst types with read or write burst lengths of 4 or 8. Furthermore, the memory modules include an auto-pre-charge function and easy-to-use refresh functions like auto- or self-refresh.