New at Rutronik: Ultra-Precise and Stable Industrial Current Sensor from Infineon

09/17/2019 Know-How

Infineon’s new XENSIV™ TLI4971 is a coreless open loop current sensor for accurate and stable measurements in industrial applications. The sensor covers measurement ranges from ± 25A to ± 120A and offers great design flexibility thanks to individually programmable parameters such as current range, overcurrent threshold and output mode. It will be launched in October and will be available at then. Samples can already be ordered.

With its differential measuring principle, the sensor suppresses interference fields from its immediate environment. In addition, a market-proven Infineon technology compensates temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress. Thus, the sensitivity error of the measurement is reduced to only two percent at room temperature, with single point in-system calibration to even lower values. The results of the measurement are provided as an analog output voltage.

For fast overcurrent detection with a low latency, the sensor contains two digital outputs (OCD1, OCD2). When the individually programmable overcurrent threshold is exceeded, the signal can be used for pre-warning or for system shutdown. In addition, the sensor reliably identifies and reports over- or under-voltage condition for the supply voltage.

The TLI4971 offers excellent thermal performance for currents up to 120A thanks to its special current rail layout and incorporates galvanic isolation for voltages up to 1.1kV. With its performance data and the 120kHz bandwidth, the compact sensor in a 8x8x1mm leadless TISON-8 package is ideal for a wide range of applications, including 50kW electric drives, inverters, robots, chargers, battery management systems, smart metering, power tools and white goods.

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