Nordic Thingy53

Thingy:53 is a multi-sensor prototyping platform with multi-protocol short-range wireless connectivity that provides reduced time-to-market for embedded applications with machine learning.
The integrated ML functionality enables developers to use the Thingy:53's sensors in applications such as speech recognition or motion pattern identification. For example, the accelerometer and a microphone with Pulse Density Modulation wake the nRF5340 SoC from standby mode when triggered by motion or sound. By keeping the platform in sleep mode for as long as possible, power-saving ML applications can be realized. In addition, this efficient use extends battery life.

Thingy:53 includes multiple sensors that measure temperature, humidity, air quality and pressure, as well as ambient light and color. The platform also features a low-power accelerometer and a six-axis inertial measurement unit. A MEMS microphone and buzzer, as well as individually programmable buttons and RGB LEDs, complete the product.

Rutronik supported Nordic in the realization of the product with specialized know-how in the fields of sensor technology, PoCs, and ML as well as interdisciplinary system competence. For example, Rutronik's experts advised which components are best suitable. The result is an easily usable product for building advanced wireless proofs-of-concept and prototypes with ML capabilities.


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