Eyesight to the blind!
11/27/2020 Newsletter Article

It has hardly become winter - at least in the northern hemisphere of this planet – and you can observe people who pursue a great hobby: Fishing in…

Who’s actually…
11/27/2020 Newsletter Article

That nice Mrs. Raupp from Internal Sales?

She has been a member of the Rutronik24 family since February and since then there has not been a second of…

UV-C sterilizer 2-in-1
11/27/2020 Newsletter Article

Disinfection in the twinkling of an eye - without chemicals!

Whether mask, cell phone, key.... simply put it into the box, close the lid and in six…

Salmon tartare canapés with avocado and apple
11/27/2020 Newsletter Article

Are you looking for a dish that tastes great, is easy to prepare, looks delicious and is even really healthy? We have prepared something...!