TDK: Fast Rotary Position Hall-sensors with Stray-Field Immunity
04/15/2024 Know-How

The HAL 302x family from Micronas is designed to meet the demand for robust motor position sensing in environments with stray magnetic fields, while…

Rutronik System Solutions - The distributor as a development and research laboratory
04/10/2024 Know-How

While Rutronik is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Rutronik System Solutions is turning two. This relatively young segment allows the distributor to…

Microcontroller for high-end industrial equipment - Robotics and industrial drives require technical diversity, maximum processing power, and a high level of security
03/27/2024 Know-How

Industrial plants pose numerous development challenges. To overcome them, the right microcontroller is crucial in addition to extensive up-front…

Thermal management - Everything you need to know about fans
03/13/2024 Know-How

For the proper functioning and longevity of electronic systems, the maximum operating temperature of any component must not be permanently and/or…

Smart Home - Energy-efficient IoT with radar sensors
02/28/2024 Know-How

By combining radar technology and IoT sensors, the smart home not only becomes safer and more comfortable but also more energy efficient.