Security in Industry 4.0 applications - When microcontroller-based security is no longer enough
05/22/2024 Know-How

One consequence of the miniaturization of system-on-chips is that flash memory increasingly has to be implemented externally.

This brings with it…

Functional safety - Motor controller with many diagnostic and protection functions
05/08/2024 Know-How

The growing importance of functional safety in electronic systems is placing increasing demands on the self-diagnostic capabilities of complex motor…

Metaverse - Hardware for a world of data
04/24/2024 Know-How

The metaverse is poised to become the “next big thing”. However, high-performance hardware is needed to make virtual worlds happen. This also applies…

Infineon’s super solid-state solutions (S4) for smart power distribution
04/22/2024 Know-How

A century ago, the first electro-mechanical circuit breakers emerged. Today, the era calls for a transition to smart and intelligent solid-state…

Infineon Matter: Connecting different products, protocols, and ecosystems into a smarter home
04/18/2024 Know-How

As the number of smart home devices increases, the interoperability between the different products, ecosystems and protocols gets more complicated.…