Low-cost USB dongle from Nordic for wireless designs
09/04/2018 Know-How

Nordic Semiconductor has designed the nRF52840 dongle (Distribution: Rutronik) as an ideal front-end, physical gateway for the „nRF Connect for…

Package with two transistors from Diotec
08/23/2018 Know-How

The MMBT7002DW contains two independent N-channel MOSFETs with fast switching times in a halogen-free SOT-363 package.

Alternative for SRAMs: New 8-Mbit-FRAM from Fujitsu
08/23/2018 Know-How

Fujitsu is launching the 8-Mbit-FRAM with the highest density up to date: the MB85R8M2T (Distribution: Rutronik) memory is an ideal solution to…

Renesas S5 Synergy Inverter Kit
08/07/2018 Know-How

The reference design of the Renesas YROTATE-IT-S5D9 kit for controlling three-phase permanent magnet motors considerably reduces the time required for…

Rutronik adds adaptable and compact power modules from ST to its portfolio
08/02/2018 Know-How

With ACEPACK, ST launches a new series of adaptable, compact and easier

package power modules. They are perfectly suited for simple, efficient and…