Intel Real Sense - 3D Camera Intel OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Imaging and AI-inference at the edge - Best fit for Smart Medical Application

Key Features
  • sensor fusion in just one device
  • wide performance ratio on processors
  • open source software
  • free tool chain
Key Applications
  • patient care monitoring
  • enhanced diagnostic
  • imaging diagnostic AI inference
  • drug discovery
Key Benefits
  • 3D & Infrared solutions
  • processor integrated AI acceleration
  • 38x increase in throughput (images/sec) on lung segmentation model
Why are these products used?
  • market leading technology
  • future proof technology
  • globally growing developer base

Mainboards from Kontron

German design and manufacturing
Best fit for medical applications with demand for performance

Key Features
  • wide performance range
  • longevity of up to 7 years
  • PCN support including BIOS-changes
  • full revision control
Key Applications
  • from small, portable diagnostic
  • to imaging method diagnostic
  • MRI, MRT, CMT, Ultrasonic
  • patient data monitoring & administration
Key Benefits
  • longevity up to 7 years
  • short lead time
  • German manufacturing
  • CSE approved (UL)
Why should I buy this product?
  • best quality in field
  • over 20 years of experience
  • leading supplier for global medical Tier 1 manufacturers
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