Customized LCDs & OLEDs

Individual, tailor-made and high quality Displays
Best Fit for medical and high end industrial Applications

Key Features
  • Custom made Segment Displays
  • High resolution graphic modules
  • All kind of Display Technologies
  • Monochrome 
Key Applications
  • All kind of medical application
  • Handheld Applications
  • Wearables Industrial HMI´s
Key Benefits
  • Low Power
  • Longtime availability
  • Customized Product
Why you should use these products?
  • Visualisation round up of your Application
  • No MOQ on OLEDs
  • No Limits in Design in of Layout
  • High Contrasts and viewing angles
  OLED Standard Products

High Quality TFT Displays

Tianma as one stop shop solution partner
Best fit for medical and high end industrial applications

Key Features
  • High resolutions
  • High brightness models
  • Long LED lifetimes up to 100k hours
  • Wide viewing angles models in different sizes
  • High robustness for ruggedized situations 
Key Applications
  • All kind of medical applications
  • High end industrial applications
  • All kind of ruggedized applications 
Key Benefits
  • High quality
  • Long-term availability up to 7-10 years
  • FULL PCN and EOL Service

Why should I buy this product?
  • Reliable partner Tianma with local support all over Europe
  • Experienced partner Tianma semicustom adaptions of PCAP touch technology.
  • Best fit for high quality needs with long-term availability. 
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