Vertical Markets

Energy - Efficient for the future

The balance between energy generation and energy consumption requires sound solutions. That is why at Rutronik we bring together companies that bring with them our requirements for developing and implementing new ideas.

Home Appliance - The smart home.

Incoming text message: the smoke alarm in the bathroom has detected a fire. Sounds futuristic? Not at all. It's no longer a futuristic vision to be able to control everything from one place, even while you are away. We can make them come true.

To suit every home.

Remote home management - made easy

The trend towards home management has reached our customers. Now it is possible to permanently control energy-saving via a tablet or smartphone. By networking all the devices in the home, you can receive status updates from every home appliance. For example, self-regulating lighting, temperature control and air conditioning not only reduce energy costs but they also increase the quality of life. Various sensors and microcontrollers make this possible. They capture and analyze the operating status of each appliance as well as wireless and wired network systems. Besides the components themselves, Rutronik is producing new ideas and approaches to make homes of the future are not only smart, but practical.

Industrial - Taking the right step.

Industrial applications place very high demands on technology and materials. That's why at Rutronik efficiency and connectivity are the key points where we are developing new and future-oriented approaches and applications.

Developed for tough conditions.

Top functionality and robustness - always

Technology and materials must operate without fault and with high precision especially when they are in continuous operation and under extreme conditions. The failure of just one machine or application nearly always means loss of production and thereby of profit - and it is our job to prevent this. It requires a high degree of expertise and reliability to develop applications that suit the most diverse of applications. Besides the technical aspect, an absolute priority is to guarantee the safety of the workers who operate the systems.That is why Rutronik supplies the tools for certified applications which, besides supreme functionality and robustness, also focus on energy efficiency. The manufacturing industry gains greatly from the savings thus achieved.

Lighting - Illuminating solutions.

Rutronik was one of the first to position itself as a specialist in LEDs. We focus on providing advice on the choice of drivers and LED controllers, as well as on heat management, concept planning and compliance with legislation.

New technologies for a bright future.

LEDs - next generation illuminants

With their high efficiency rating, LED solutions are extremely energy-efficient and are suited to every conceivable field of application. Furthermore, flexible designs and good weather resistance ensure that LEDs are the preferred illuminant for both creative and power-intensive applications. But simple as this sounds, the many options also require in-depth knowledge of components and their interaction. Rutronik provides skilful advice for illumination planners and designers, engineers and architects to help them implement projects of all sizes - for commercial enterprises, local councils, public authorities and end users.

Certified Distributor



Medical - Better safety, better health.

Where performance can determine a person's state of health and where at the same time faster and cost-optimized development processes are in demand, Rutronik is your perfect partner.

Major challenges for medicine and developers.

When functionality is critical

Medical care increasingly relies on technology-aided systems and applications. And it is precisely in this area that absolute fail-safe operation is critical to life itself. A high standard of quality guarantees a high functionality both in stationary as well as in the ambulatory area, in which a high degree of integration is decisive. For this reason we only work with partners who have proven themselves by the high quality and consistent availability of their products.It is often the case that high procurement costs and the long development times occasioned by official hurdles make it difficult to purchase suitable technology. Which is why, besides high-quality display and wireless components, Rutronik also offers solutions to minimize the time and cost factors, thus smoothing the path to the future for medicine.