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TDK-Micronas, a TDK group company, is a German leading supplier of magnetic hall sensors.

TDK-Micronas has pioneered CMOS based hall-effect sensors and can draw on more than 30 years' automotive experience.

We serve all major automotive electronics customers worldwide, many of them in long-term partnerships for lasting success, thanks to our high product quality and strong technical support.

TDK-Micronas offers the world’s broadest range of Hall-effect sensors for different parameters like position, pressure, speed, level and current.

Our all-in-one single-chip motor control solution based on an ARM7TDMI® CPU core, serves brushed, brushless and stepper motor control (sensored or sensorless) with high performance and optimized system efficiency.

Product news

HAC 37xy Hall-effect sensor

The HAC 37xy Hall-effect sensor offers high-precision angle and linear position measurement in a TO92UF leaded package with integrated capacitors for demanding automotive and industrial applications.

HAL 39xy 3D HAL® Technology based Stray field Robust Position Sensor Family


The new Micronas HAL® 39xy position sensor family not only measures magnetic fields very accurately, but it is also insensitive to disturbing magnetic fields.

Products by Application

Chassis and Safety

Requirements are driving the trends towards higher safety integration

Steering Motor – BLCD Motor
HAL 15xy 3-wire

Breaking Pedal
HAL 15xy 2-wire / HAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Steering Torque
HAL 835 / HAL 283xHAR 24xy

Chassis position sensor
HAL 3715

Steering Angle
HAL 3735

Body and Comfort

Important electrification trend in the vehicle body compartment

Sun Roof
HAL 15xy 3-wire

Window Lift
HAL 15xy 3-wire

Door Lock
HAL 15xy 2-wire

Door Handle
HVC 4223F

Buckle Switch
HAL 15xy 2-wire

Adaptive Headlights and LED Fan
HAL 1002HAL 15xy 3-wire / HAL 37xy / HVC 4223F

HAL 15xy 2-wire / HVC 4223F

Blower and Flap Control - AGM
HVC 4223F

HAL 15xy 2-wire

Seat - Climate Control
HVC 4223F


Increased demand for high energy efficiency and CO2 reduction

Active Pedal - Clutch: 
HAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Active Pedal - Acceleration: 
HAL 830 / HAL 2420 / HAR 24xy

Powertrain Valves - Throttle: 
HAC 830 / HAL 2425HAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Powertrain Valves – EGR: 
HAC 830 / HAL 37xy

Powertrain Valves – Thermal Valves:
HAL 37xy / HVC 4223F

Battery Management: 
HAL 2425 / HAR 24xy

Gear Position: 
HAL 186x / HAL 85x / HAL 24xy

Water / oil pumps – BLCD Motor: 
HAL 15xy 2-wireHVC 4223F

Liquid Level: 
HAL 85x / HAL 2425 / HAL 37xy

Shift Lever Position: 
HAL 15xy 3-wireHAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Turbo Charger: 
HAC 830 / HAL 2425 / HAL 37xy

Product selection guide

Linear & 3D Hall selection guide

Hall Switch selection guide

Embedded Controller

HVC 4223F

Flex Servo-Drive for Direct Control of Electric Motors (Stepper / BLDC / BDC)

  • Enables cost-effective realization of powerful and compact DC motor control
  • Economically addresses growing challenges in the automotive market and beyond (industrial, consumer, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Powered by a 32-bit CPU core (ARM® Cortex®-M3) and integrating high-performance analog functions
  • Flexible peripherals provide all means to directly control brush-type, stepper (bipolar or three phase), or brushless direct current (BLDC) motors via integrated high-performance half-bridges without the need for external components

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