Bosch Sensortec: New IMU BMI323

Small versatile inertial measurement unit


Combining a precise accelerometer and a self-calibrating gyroscope the new Inertial Measurement Unit is ideally suited for a variety of applications such as notebooks, tablets, toys and gadgets, and wearables. The BMI323 has significantly improved performance due to its low power-consumption and low-noise in a small package. It is an easy-to-use sensor due to integrated features and configurable power modes.

BMI323 Target Applications

  • Notebook and tablets
  • Toys and gadget
  • Game controllers and smart remote controls
  • Wearables

BMI323 Main Benefits

  • Successor of BMI160 with improved performance to address new use cases
  • Integrated feature set for easy use for various applications
  • Low current consumption & power mode configuration for continuous use

Use Cases

Angle & Position Detection

The inertial data can be used for the estimation of the angle between the lid and keyboard or detect the position of the notebook. This enables fast booting or to automatically adjust the settings.

Motion Detection

The motion detection function lets toys come to life for a unique gaming experience. When using your game controller, precise controlling and therefore a unique gaming experience is guaranteed due to the IMU.

Tap Recognition

By tapping your smartwatch, the music can be paused, or the next song played without having to pick up the smartphone.

Fitness Tracking

Integrated in wearables, the BMI323 enables accurate step counting and is thus an ideal companion in everyday life.

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