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Telit will be releasing 5G connectivity data plans soon. Sign up today to be the first to know when they’re available.

Telit will be adding 5G to its robust connectivity plan offering.

Telit’s industrial-grade FN990Axx and FN980 5G M.2 data cards enable commercial deployments for OEMs and system integrators. The 4G/5G multimode operation allows new concepts to be tested and deployed quickly everywhere LTE is available as 5G rollouts continue.

These modules combined with Telit IoT connectivity plans can propel your enterprise or industrial cellular networking project toward IoT success. Telit’s IoT connectivity provides unprecedented visibility and control over your 5G connected devices.

FN990Axx Data Cards

  • 5G sub-6 FDD and TDD for global deployment
  • SA and NSA operations, 5G core network Opt. 3a/3x and Opt. 2 for full network compatibility
  • 5G Release 16 compliance
  • 4G Cat 20 up to 7 DL CA on the FN990A40
  • 4G Cat 19 up to 5 DL CA on the FN990A28

FN980 and FN980m Advanced LTE/5G Data Cards

  • Up to 5.5 Gbps DL/2.7Gbps UL data rates on 5G
  • Standard M.2 (NGFF) data card form factor
  • 5G sub-6 FDD and TDD and mmWave
  • SA and NSA 5G Opt. 3a/3x and Opt. 2
  • 4G/5G Release 15    

Telit IoT Connectivity Solutions

  • Configurable billing, provisioning and individual plan profiles
  • Automated connectivity management, data plan assignment and billing functions
  • Improved uptime and performance with low costs
  • Flexible five- and 10-year Telit NExT™ one-time prepayment plans across SIMs and eSIMs for your solutions

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