With more than 75 years' experience, Molex is a globally recognised provider of electronic solutions to address a broad range of demanding applications, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

As a leader in designing and delivering innovative, high quality, reliable solutions, the Molex range spans over 100,000 products, including FFC/FPC connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, heavy duty connectors, wire-to-board, board-to-board and wire-to-wire connectors, printed circuit colutions and tooling. 

Sealed Connectors

Designed for heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications such as automotive and transportation, Molex’s wide range of standard-sealed and custom-sealed interconnect systems are ideal for applications that require ruggedized sealed plugs, receptacles and power connectors, including IP67 or IP68 ratings. 

Mini50 Connection Systems

Mini50 sealed and unsealed wire-to-board connection systems achieve 50% space savings compared to traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors. Available with single- or dual-row receptacles and smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits in interior transportation environments.

MX150 Sealed Connector System

Designed for simple and secure assembly, the MX150 Sealed Connector System offers a reduced package size over traditional USCAR connectors. Available in single- and dual-row configurations up to 22.0A supporting both power and signal applications for on-engine automotive to off-road construction equipment applications.

ML-XT Sealed Connection System

With market-leading high-performance seal technology through advanced two-shot LSR molded one-piece plugs and rear HCR seals with cover guards, the ML-XT is a cost-competitive solution that achieves superior reliability over de-facto, industry standard systems.

Power Connectors

Molex's vast selection of power connectors can be modified or customised to meet virtually any application requirement to achieve optimum power delivery and distribution.

Mini-fit Family

Mini-Fit Family power connectors deliver power up to 13.0A, plus feature terminal position and blind mating options for use in a broad range of applications. All Mini-Fit Jr. and Mini-Fit Plus Connectors are compatible with each other, including with Mini-Fit TPA2 and Mini-Fit BMI Components, bringing flexibility to the toughest design dilemmas.  

Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System

Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector Systems, available in multiple circuit sizes and cable lengths for power applications, offer a 3.00mm pitch, an 8.5A maximum current rating and many design options such as a terminal position assurance, blind-mating and compliant pin features.

EdgeMate Wire-to-Edge-Card Power Connector

Eliminating the need for mating headers, EdgeMate power connectors offer positive PCB-locking and significant cost savings for wire-to-edge-card terminations in appliance, industrial and lighting applications. With a highly robust locking mechanism, the mated (and wired) assembly can withstand high-vibration or shock operating conditions.

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