Infineon Drive Systems Solutions

We live in a mobile world filled with electrical devices. Behind their innovation, there is an increasing need for designers and engineers to find solutions that are more efficient, smaller, and less costly. Infineon's broad portfolio of innovative power semiconductor solutions offers exactly what is needed for the compact, cost effective development of highly reliable and efficient solutions for drive applications.

Battery Powered Drives

Superb performance for battery powered motor drives! Based on industry-leading technology, highest quality and manufacturing expertise, Infineon provides a variety of innovative power semiconductors which enable designers to develop highly reliable and efficient solutions. Through its comprehensive portfolio, Infineon addresses a broad range of battery powered motor control applications, such as power tools, forklifts, multicopters and all kinds of light electric vehicles including e-skateboards, e-scooters, pedelecs, low speed cars, and many others.

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Infineon's power MOSFETs enable higher efficiency, power density and cost effectiveness within motor driven applications. These three MOSFET families consistently meet the highest quality and performance demands in key specifications for power system design such as on-state resistance and FOM characteristics.


StrongIRFET™ Power MOSFETs

Recommended for:

  • Rugged industrial applications
  • Designs with a low switching frequency
  • Designs requiring a high current carrying capability


OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs

Recommended for:

  • High switching frequency applications


CoolMOS™ Superjunction MOSFETs

Recommended for:

  • Superior power conversion systems

Recommended Products:

VDS max












RDS (on) max - 0.90mΩ


RDS (on) max - 1.50mΩ


RDS (on) max - 0.65mΩ


RDS (on) max - 1.45mΩ


RDS (on) max - 3.70mΩ


RDS (on) max - 3.00mΩ


RDS (on) max - 5.10mΩ


RDS (on) max - 400mΩ


RDS (on) max - 110mΩ



RDS (on) max - 1.10mΩ


RDS (on) max - 0.80mΩ


RDS (on) max - 2.00mΩ



RDS (on) max - 4.20mΩ


RDS (on) max - 7.30mΩ



RDS (on) max - 400mΩ



RDS (on) max - 1.10mΩ



RDS (on) max - 1.50mΩ


The CIPOS™ Nano is a family of highly integrated, ultra-compact power modules designed to drive motors in efficiency appliance and light industrial applications including pumps, fans, automation systems or consumer drives e.g. multicopters. It offers up to a 60 percent smaller footprint than existing three-phase motor control power ICs.

Recommended Products:

Infineon's gate driver ICs are the crucial links between control ICs and powerful MOSFET, IGBT and GaN switching devices in discrete gate drive applications or as part of integrated power modules. They enable high system efficiency, excellent power density and consistent system robustness. Manufactured after industry standards, and offered in different standard packages and pinout configurations, they offer full compatibility with existing designs, which eases drop-in replacements and upgrades.

Recommended Products:


The 200V Gate Driver IC Family

The 600V Gate Driver IC Family

iMOTION™ is a family of highly integrated products for the control of variable speed drives. By integrating both the required hardware and software to perform sensorless control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), they provide the highest energy efficient appliance motor system with the lowest system cost. The iMOTION™ modules integrate digital, analog and power technologies together in a flexible, mixed signal chipset to simplify motor control designs and bring energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions faster to market.

Recommended Products:

The XMC1400 Boot Kit (KIT_XMC14_BOOT_001) houses the XMC1400 Microcontroller and a 2x30 pin edge for application expansion. The board along with application cards (e.g. Color LED Card, White LED Card) demonstrates the capabilities of XMC1400. The main use case for this board is to demonstrate the generic features of XMC1400 device, including tool chain. The focus is safe operation under evaluation conditions.

Recommended Products:

Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio of high performance linear voltage regulators for industrial and multimarket applications. The regulator families provide highly efficient power supply and prolonged battery life. Infineon's linear voltage regulators are especially designed for use in harsh environments. Their robust design approach ensures delamination-free ICs and long-term reliability. Beyond this, other dedicated features such as low noise behavior, compact package form, maximum operating voltage, and extraordinary robustness are the key characteristics that enable Infineon's regulators to achieve highest system performance at little system and operational costs. Infineon's new IFX1763, IFX54441, IFX30081 and IFX54211 LDO families have been designed to exactly match those requirements.

IFX30081SJV Demoboard

Demoboard for industrial linear voltage regulator with adjustable output and output current of up to 50mA.

Related Product:

3D MAGNETIC SENSOR for Smaller and More Accurate and Robust Designs

Infineon's 3D magnetic sensors were designed to provide three-dimensional position sensing, and set new levels of accuracy with extremely low power consumption in a small 6-pin package.

Recommended Products:

HALL SWITCHES for High Precision and Low Energy Consumption

High-precision, unipolar and bipolar Hall-effect switches and latches for different magnetic sensitivities. The products have proven successful in many automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Recommended Products:

ixMR - based Magnetic ANGLE SENSORS

Infineon's family of angle sensors is based on integrated Magneto Resistive (ixMR) technologies which enable them determine the absolute orientation of the magnetic field between 0° and 360°.

Recommended Products:

Home and Building Automation

Depending on the level of integration and power to be handled, Infineon offers a variety of IPMs available in different packages and diverse voltage- and current classes. These IPM portfolios include CIPOS™ Nano, CIPOS™ Micro and CIPOS™ Mini families.

CIPOS™ Nano - 3-phase or Half-bridge with MOSFETs

CIPOSTM Nano is a family of ultra-compact, patent pending, power modules for high efficiency and light industrial applications, including compressor drives for automation systems.


  • 60% smaller footprint than existing 3-phase motor control power IPMs
  • No need for an external heat sink

CIPOS™ Micro - Solution for Low Power Motor Drive Applications

A family of compact IPMs for low power motor drive applications including fans, pumps, air purifiers and refrigerator compressor drives.


  • DC current ratings ranging up to 4.6A to drive motors up to 90W without heatsink and up to 250W with heatsink
  • Available in both through-hole and surface mount packages

CIPOS™ Mini - Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) 600V / 4A−30A

CIPOS™ Mini modules are designed to control AC motors in variable speed drives for applications from 4A up to 30A such as air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, compressors and industrial drives. 


  • Simplified power design
  • Reduced time-to-market

600V Industrial Drives

The Easy family portfolio with its EasyPIM™ and EasyPACK™ configurations covers the full power range from IC 10A up to 50A in 600V with IGBT3. This series comes in the Easy1B and Easy2B housing. The screw clamp provides a fast, reliable mounting concept.

With the ongoing increase of power densities in power electronics, the thermal interface between power module and heatsink becomes a larger challenge. Infineon's Thermal Interface Material (TIM) not only provides the lowest thermal resistance, but it also fulfills the highest quality standards given for power modules to achieve the longest lifetime and highest system reliability. TIM has been developed to fit to most of Infineon's existing power module packages as well as to upcoming future designs.

Recommended EasyPIM™ Products:

Recommended EasyPack™ Products:

600V TRENCHSTOP™ Performance IGBT

The 600V TRENCHSTOP™ Performance series is a new high efficiency and price-competitive IGBT, combining the best trade-off between conduction and switch-off energy with outstanding robustness and excellent EMI behaviour. It enables higher efficiency in motor control, air conditioning compressors, HVAC motor drives, and other power conversion applications working up to 30kHz in hard-switching topologies.

Recommended 600V TRENCHSTOP™ Performance IGBT Products:

High Power Density 1200V IGBT in TO-247PLUS

Infineon introduces the new space saving package TO-247PLUS for 1200V discrete IGBT. Providing bigger active chip area, the TO-247 PLUS allows up to 75A 1200V IGBT combined with a 75A diode in a TO-247 footprint.

Higher current allows the upgrade of the available TO-247 3pin designs to higher power levels, reducing paralleling or improving system thermal management.

Recommended 1200V IGBT in TO-247PLUS Products: