The vision of a natural mosquito guard

Kurt Stoll, an electronics and high-frequency scientist from Switzerland, has developed this innovative and effective technology. His aim was to provide effective protection against malaria, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Of course, mosquito protection should be safe for both human health and the environment.

Kurt Stoll researched mosquitoes from the perspective of a physicist rather than a biologist. In cooperation with insectologists at the University of Tübingen, he discovered that electromagnetic waves and signals affect mosquitoes.

During this basic research, prototypes with different signal frequencies were developed and tested worldwide. It is planned to adapt the insect protection for journeys to areas with high mosquito numbers and/or aggressive mosquito populations. Thanks to progress in high-tech electronics as well as in high-frequency and processor technology, biopulse technology® was developed to market maturity in the nopixgo® anti-mosquito wristband.

Mosquito guard band from Switzerland

Nopixgo bracelet reduces the risk of mosquito bites.
Range: up to 2 meters.

biopulse technology®

Patented mosquito protection technology without chemicals - harmless for the skin. Electromagnetic impulses in the mosquito protection tape simulate storms and thus disturb the biting behaviour of the mosquitoes.

Safe insect protection for humans and animals

Tested compatibility. Less than 1 percent of the signal strength of a typical smartphone (SAR-Wert*: 0.1 W/Kg).


Battery life: up to 5 days
Micro-USB connector

Effectiveness of protection

The efficacy of nopixgo® in reducing the risk of mosquito bites has been successfully tested in laboratory tests and in different countries under different outdoor climatic conditions. Due to the biopulse signal emitted by nopixgo®, the majority of mosquitoes show passive behaviour and flee. In order to use biopulse in the fight against diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Zika, we are continuously increasing the scope of protection through research and development.

As part of NopixGlobal’s ongoing commitment to proving the effectiveness of the Nopixgo®wristband, Quimera Biological Systems in conjunction with the University of Zaragoza was appointed to conduct a series of laboratory studies to better understand the behavior and biting patterns of a variety of mosquito species, when in the vicinity of a Nopixgo® wristband.

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The nopixgo® biopulse technology®

Covering clothing and chemical insect repellents have so far been used to protect against mosquito bites. However, in the nopixgo® mosquito protection bracelet, the biopulse module sends weak electromagnetic signals. They simulate a storm. Mosquitoes perceive these impulses through their sensory organs (hair-like sensory organs) as thunderstorms and process them in the mosquito brain (ganglion). This activates a natural protective reaction that inhibits the biting behaviour of the plague spirits. nopixgo® thus reduces the risk of mosquito bites.
And without the use of chemical agents.

Protection for humans & animals

biopulse technology® is certified as harmless for humans and animals. As wearable, the mosquito protection bracelet also offers a clear advantage over anti-mosquito sprays or other anti-mosquito products: nopixgo® also offers effective mosquito protection for sensitive skin. It is suitable for travel to areas with stagnant water in which large populations of mosquitoes live. nopixgo® is also an effective mosquito repellent when working in the field.

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