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We make life easier, safer and greener

The world's swelling population, more and more megacities and the rising demand for energy is prompting us to rethink many aspects of our modern lifestyle.

Semiconductor and system solutions from Infineon contribute to a better future - making our world easier, safer and greener. These tiny, barely visible electronic components have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They help to feed regenerative energy into power grids with almost zero losses, tame power-hungry computers, safeguard the data flying through cyberspace and make our cars more energy-efficient.


Infineon Technologies is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Microelectronics from Infineon is the key to a better future. In the 2016 fiscal year (ending September 30), the company reported sales of about €6.5 billion with some 36,300 employees worldwide.

New products introduction

OptiMOS™ Linear FET

Combining a low RDS(on) with a wide safe operating area (SOA)

OptiMOS™ Linear FET is a revolutionary approach to avoid the trade-off between RDS(on)and linear mode capability – operation in the saturation region of an enhanced mode MOSFET. It offers the state-of-the-art RDS(on) of a trench MOSFET together with the wide safe operating area of a classic planar MOSFET.

CIPOS™ Micro IRSM240-Series

The CIPOS™ Micro IRSM240-Series is appropriate for low power motor drive applications like air purifiers, refrigerator compressor drives, fans and pumps. These products offer a cost effective power solution by leveraging industry standard footprints and processes compatible with various PCB substrates.


The 2EDN7424x EiceDRIVER™ is a fast dual channel 4 A low-side gate driver, with an excellent price/performance ratio complementing the 2EDN EiceDRIVER™ family. 2EDN7424F is available in DSO-8 package and 2EDN7424R comes in TSSOP-8pin package – both compatible to industry standard pin-out for a 1:1 replacement.

Infineon® Embedded Power IC - Grade 0 variants

The TLE9873QXW40, TLE9877QXW40 and TLE9879QXW40 are the new members of the TLE987x product family. They are qualified in accordance to the AEC-Q100 Grade 0 automotive qualification standard to support under-the-hood applications like engine cooling fans, water pumps and oil pumps.

The TLE987x family is part of the Infineon® Embedded Power IC portfolio. The TLE987x is a single chip 3-phase motor driver that integrates the industry standard ARM ® Cortex M3® core, enabling the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms such as field-oriented control. A Grade-0 variant of the TLE986x, the TLE9867QXW20, is also available to support 2-phase motor control applications.

600 V CoolMOS™ CFD7 - High voltage superjunction MOSFET

Infineon’s answer for resonant high power topologies

The 600 V CoolMOS™ CFD7 is Infineon’s latest high voltage superjunction MOSFET technology with integrated fast body diode and completes the CoolMOS™ 7 series. It is the ideal choice for resonant topologies in high power SMPS applications such as server, telecom and EV charging stations.

IR38163, IR38165, IR38263, IR38265, IR38363, IR38365

OptiMOS™ integrated POL with parallel VID, Intel SVID, PMBUS/I2C

This family of OptiMOS™ IPOL devices offers easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly efficient DC/DC regulators with Intel SVID and I2C/PMBus interface. The on-chip PWM controller and co-packaged low duty cycle optimized MOSFETs make these devices a space-efficient solution, providing accurate power delivery for low output voltage and high current applications that require an Intel SVID interface.

These versatile devices offer programmability of switching frequency, output voltage, and fault/warning thresholds and fault responses while operating over a wide input range. Thus, they offer flexibility as well as system level security in event of fault conditions. The switching frequency is programmable from 150 kHz to 1.5 MHz for an optimum solution.

The on-chip sensors and ADC along with the SVID and PMBus interfaces (IR18163 and IR38363) or SVID and I2C interfaces (IR38165 and IR38365) make it easy to monitor and report input voltage, output voltage, output current and temperature.


An active mono cell hall sensor ideally suited for detecting the motion and position

Highly robust, easy-to-use mono-Hall speed sensor with Twist Independent Mounting (TIM) mounting for 2-wheeler, automotive vehicle speed and industrial application.



DPS310 is a miniaturized digital barometric pressure sensor which offers high accuracy and low current consumption, and is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature. 

A sealed capacitive sensing element is used for pressure measurement, guaranteeing high precision and accuracy across temperature changes. 

The small package and low energy consumption make  DPS310 ideal for mobile applications and wearable devices. 

3D Magnetic Sensor

The 3D magnetic sensor TLV493D-A1B6 offers accurate three dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption. Within its small 6-pin package the sensor provides direct measurement of the x, y and z magnetic field components, making it ideally suited for the measurement of: 3D movement, Linear travel and 360° rotation

IR MOSFET™ 60 V/ 80 V/ 100 V logic level

New logic level MOSFETs for low VGS

IRL60HS118 IRL80HS120 IRL100HS121

Evaluation Board for EasyDUAL™ CoolSiC™ MOSFET modules



700 V CoolMOS™ P7 SJ MOSFET in IPAK Short Lead with ISO-standoff

Solution for higher assembly yield in charger applications



Low Power GPS LNA for Wearables


IFF2400P17AE4 (Air Cooling) and IFF2400P17LE4 (Liquid Cooling)

MIPAQ™ Pro a new dimension in smart protection


Infineon® Prime Soft Diodes for IGBTs

D4600U45X172 (5 inch silicon), D2700U45X122 (3.5 inch silicon), D1600U45X122 (3 inch silicon)

D1600U45X122XPSA1 D2700U45X122XOSA1 D4600U45X172XPSA1

IR38163, IR38165, IR38263, IR38265, IR38363, IR38365

OptiMOS™ integrated POL with parallel VID, Intel SVID, PMBUS/I2C

IR38163 IR38165 IR38263 IR38265 IR38363 IR38365

TLS202B1MB V50

Linear Post Regulator with 5V output voltage, enable pin and 150mA maximum output current


600 V CoolMOS™ P7 SJ MOSFET (portfolio extension)

Optimized balance of ease-of-use and highest energy efficiency

IPL60R065P7 IPL60R085P7 IPL60R105P7 IPL60R125P7 IPL60R285P7 IPB60R360P7 IPB60R280P7 IPB60R180P7 IPB60R120P7 IPB60R099P7 IPB60R080P7 IPB60R060P7


IKA08N65ET6, IKA10N65ET6, IKA15N65ET6


1EDC EiceDRIVER™ Compact 300 mil

1200V galvanically isolated, UL certified single-channel wide body gate driver IC family


TLE9250SJ, TLE9250LE, TLE9250VSJ, TLE9250VLE, TLE9250XSJ, TLE9250XLE, TLE9251VSJ, TLE9251VLE

Automotive CAN Transceivers



Linear LED driver IC with ultra-low voltage drop


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