The smart home.

Incoming text message: the smoke alarm in the bathroom has detected a fire. Sounds futuristic? Not at all. It’s no longer a futuristic vision to be able to control everything from one place, even while you are away. We can make them come true.

To suit every home.

Remote home management - made easy

The trend towards home management has reached our customers. Now it is possible to permanently control energy-saving via a tablet or smartphone.

By networking all the devices in the home, you can receive status updates from every home appliance. For example, self-regulating lighting, temperature control and air conditioning not only reduce energy costs but they also increase the quality of life.

Various sensors and microcontrollers make this possible. They capture and analyze the operating status of each appliance as well as wireless and wired network systems. Besides the components themselves, Rutronik is producing new ideas and approaches to make homes of the future are not only smart, but practical.