600 V CoolMOS™ S7 in QDPAK and TO-220 package

The 600V CoolMOS S7 SJ MOSFET family is optimized for low conduction losses and features the lowest RDS(on) in the market when it comes to high-voltage SJ MOSFETs in a compact SMD package. It comes with an unprecedented RDS(on) x price figure of merit and is a perfect fit for solid-state circuit breakers and relays, PLCs, battery protection, and active bridge rectification in high-power power supplies. The top side cooling minimizes conduction losses and maximizes power density, with the most efficient SMD cooling.



•            Low RDS(on)

•            Compact top-side-cooled QDPAK & TO-220 package

•            Optimized for conduction performance

•            Improved thermal resistance

•            High pulse current capability

•            Kelvin-source pin improves switching performance at high current



•            Minimizes conduction losses

•            Increases energy efficiency

•            More compact and easier designs

•            Eliminates or reduces heat sinks in solid-state design

•            Lower TCO cost or BOM cost


Target applications

•            SMPS

•            Solar energy systems

•            Battery and equipment protection

•            Solid state relays (SSR) and solid state circuit breakers (SSCB)

•            Indoor commercial lighting control

•            UPS

•            Low speed electric vehicles (LSEV)

•            Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

•            Room air conditioning