HAL 39xy - 3D HAL® Technology based Stray field Robust Position Sensor Family

The new TDK-Micronas HAL® 39xy position sensor family not only measures magnetic fields very accurately, but it is also insensitive to disturbing magnetic fields. His unique stray field concept is based on an array of vertical and horizontal Hall plates. The heart of the sensor is the patented 3D Hall pixel cell. The highly flexible sensor array enables design engineers to select the best stray field concept for any given measurement task.



Four programmable measurement modes

  • Linear position
  • Rotary position up to 360°
  • Rotary position up to 180°
  • (homogenous and gradient Stray Fields)
  • 3D magnetic field (w/o Stray Field Comp.)

Stray field compensation

  •  Homogenous stray fields(ISO 11452-8 up to 4000 A/m, Error < 0.1°) 
  •  Gradient stray fiel

Enables fast development of device variants

  • Customizable firmware for fast prototyping
  • Easy adaptation to interface standards such as SENT and PSI5

Programmable via output pin

  • ISO 26262 compliant development and ASIL-B ready
Target Applications for HAL 39xy Family
Adaptive suspension
Adaptive front lighting
Brake position detection
Chassis position detection
Clutch position detection
Dual Clutch Transmission
Liquid Level measurement
Exhaust gas recirculation
Steering angle detection
Gear Shift position detection
Throttle Valve
Turbo charger
Water valve
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