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Revolutionary inductive and resonant wireless power technology for consumer and automotive applications

Nowadays engineers and designers find themselves confronted with an ever increasing end-user demand for maximized mobility and extended operating time. Both considered as key effectiveness and convenience optimization factors. Hence, they are in need for revolutionary yet cost-effective solutions for fast high-performance charging - of course wire-free. And this is where Infineon comes into play. Its seemingly endless portfolio of MOSFETs, driver ICs, voltage regulators, microcontrollers (with software for selected applications) and many other products offers everything one may need to work on any imaginable wireless charging technology for a multiplicity of receiver applications. Not only for consumer applications (inductive and resonant) but with a vast assortment of industrial and automotive qualified components also inductive in-car charging is covered.

How does wireless charging work and what are the challenges?

The development of safe and efficient wireless charging technologies requires a deep level of system knowledge and expertise in the pick-up of antenna signals and the interaction with the surrounding structures. Another key success factor is the precise control of the power delivery. If done incorrectly or without certification the consequences may be: compatibility and safety issues, insufficient thermal management during charging, reduced efficiency and increased charging time, or even damage to the device and/or battery.

Infineon is an active member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the AirFuel alliance and is shaping the wireless charging trends of tomorrow. Knowing that the steady growing consumer awareness and increasing utilization open up new potential opportunities for various use-cases Infineon is getting prepared to offer wireless charging solutions in compliance with the currently dominant industry standards.

In addition customers benefit from innovative reference designs supported by unique wireless power controllers and from a reduced bill of materials (BOM) thanks to the leading silicon technology (new technologies e.g. GaN e-mode HEMTs already in the pipeline).
Selected boards for mass-market applications will be available soon! As of today Infineon's wireless charging roadmap looks as shown in the chart above.

Inductive wireless charging for consumer receiver applications (single & multi-coil, Qi inductive 110-205kHz, in-band communication)

Get to know Infineon's 15W charging transmitter enabling highest phone charging rates without exotic thermal management applicable for all smartphones on the market (incl. fast charging). With a software up-grade also future products and standards will be supported. And it impresses with improved Foreign Object Detection with accurate quality-factor monitoring as well as with unparalleled safety in the industry.


The use of Infineon's OptiMOS™, Driver ICs, and voltage regulators will pay off with superior power transfer performance. Additionally to that, the XMC™ wireless power controller helps to meet strict safety, environmental and regulatory requirements, while still enabling industry-leading charging performance and efficiency.

Resonant wireless charging for consumer applications (Resonant AirFuel (A4WP) 6.78MHz, communication on Bluetooth low energy or in-band communcation)

The advantages of resonant designs over inductive ones clearly improve user-friendliness: devices may be freely placed in the vicinity of the transmitter (typically >50mm of vertical freedom), multiple devices of different size and power can be charged in parallel.

Thanks to the robust silicon MOSFET technology Infineon's products take the lead in fast switching. With the best figure-of-merit for gate charge times RDS(on) and for Coss they enable the customer to build 6.78MHz inverter designs. Superior power MOSFET technology addresses frequency switching implementations, especially in the 30V - 100V areas for class D inverter designs and in the 150V - 250V voltage class for class E inverter designs.

Rather than relying on an application specific IC for protocol and power delivery, the strength of the Infineon wireless charging solution lies in its modular software-based architecture. Infineon's XMC™ wireless power controller based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core provides a powerful and cost-effective platform for high performance, smart and safe wireless charging applications.

And on top of all that within Infineon's portfolio the "coolest" driver ICs in the industry are already available as low side drivers for class E implementations. And for transmitter designs using a pre-regulator (buck or buck/boost) to control the input voltage of the amplifier OptiMOS™ solutions can be found in the 20V-400V MOSFETs section.

Automotive solutions - 15Watt inductive wireless in-car charging

The next-generation of in-cabin wireless charging systems have to meet strict automotive safety, security, environmental and regulatory requirements while still enabling industry-leading charging performance and efficiency. Infineon offers the whole portfolio of dedicated automotive components to support the wireless in-cabin charging application. The AURIX™ microcontroller (incl. software) will cover the regulation and controlling part. A dedicated voltage regulator portfolio enables proper and efficient system power solution. Optionally highly integrated solutions such as SBC and Safety PMIC with up-to ASIL D are available. State-of-the-art MOSFETs and driver ICs are responsible for high efficient power conversion and finally a broad portfolio of CAN transceivers will support fast in-car communication.

Infineon excels by introducing a new innovative Foreign Object Detection (FOD) system with improved accuracy quality-factor monitoring (capability can be extended beyond existing standards) as well as a unique improved power drive architecture that provides unparalleled EMI performance 10 - 15dB over existing solutions.

Engineers and designers get the chance of being always one step ahead of their competitors by trusting in Infineon knowing how to deal with power efficiency, integration alongside many other applications and non-interference with co-existing systems. At the same time guaranteeing faster time to market and helping you ensure your project offers the right communication features.

Infineon’s recommended highlight products

OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs (30V)


Super SO8:

PQFN 3.3 x 3.3:

PQFN 3.3 x 3.3 Dual:

PQFN 3x3 package (dual half bridge):

Inverter MOSFETs


SOT 23:


PQFN 3.3 x 3.3:


SOT 23:


PQFN 2 x 2:

1EDN EiceDRIVER™ (1-channel low-side gate-driver IC)

Package: 5-pin SOT23: 1EDN7512B

Voltage Regulator



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