Best price-performance MOSFETs for consumer and lighting applications

Infineon’s CoolMOS™ CE offers ease-of-use and cost-competitive advantages, and at the same time still delivers state-of-the-art performance.

CoolMOS™ CE is determined to support customers’ success in various consumer markets by full FAE (field application engineer) support, short lead time and fast quote response.



CoolMOS™ CE at a glance

  • Suitable for hard and soft switching applications
  • Available in five voltage classes (500 V/600 V/650 V/700V/800 V) and more than 10 packages
  • Offers proven CoolMOS™ quality and reliability while still being price attractive


  • CoolMOS™ has been widely chosen by leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in their adapter application.
  • CoolMOS™ CE offers a wide range of products for the TV SMPS application and has been selected by worldwide leading TV manufactures due to its high quality, reliability, ease-of-use and Infineon dedicated FAE support. 
  • The wide usage of 700 V CoolMOS™ CE by leading charger OEMs and design houses in their charger applications demonstrates Infineon's technology know-how and commitment to this segment.

CoolMOS™ CE not only helps to support a green world through saving energy,

but it also makes the world colorful by powering LED drivers.

Infineon offers a wide range of reference boards covering output power from 18 W up to 110 W, which fulfill market requirements and help customers speed up the time-to-market.


  • CoolMOS™ CE SOT-223 products are offered in four voltage classes. 500 V, 600 V, 650 V, and 700 V.
RDS(on)[mΩ] 500 V 600 V 650 V 700 V
650 IPN50R650CE
800 IPN50R800CE
950/1000 IPN50R950CE IPN60R1K0CE
1400/1500 IPN50R1K4CE IPN60R1K5CE IPN65R1K5CE IPN70R1K5CE
2000/2100 IPN50R2K0CE IPN60R2K1CE
3000 IPN50R3K0CE
3400 IPN60R3K4CE

CoolMOS™ CE SOT-223 products have been optimized to fully address SMPS low power, especially lighting applications. The SOT-223 package has a similar footprint as the DPAK, thus one-on-one DPAK replacement by SOT-223 is possible. This leads to customer cost savings. In addition, the customer could also use the SOT-223 to save space, increasing power density as a consequence. 

Find out how to use a high voltage CoolMOS™ CE device in a SOT-223 package

Demo Boards

CoolMOS™ CE 18 W demo board with ICL8201
CoolMOS™ CE 110 W demo board with ICL5101

One-on one drop-in replacement for DPAK at lower cost