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A rising dependency on microelectronic components has been a trend, especially for small motors that deliver up to 1 kW, in which integrated system-on-chip solutions are being used for electric pumps, such as a fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, and fans like a HVAC blower and engine cooling fan.

Owing to their proximity to the engine, motor control solutions for automotive pumps and fans must be highly robust, and able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, the need to accommodate a rising number of auxiliary pumps in a limited space is a challenge.



When it comes to pumps, enhanced motor control efficiency is of absolute priority. Our cost and system optimized solutions, boasting a high level of integration, aim to do exactly that, especially those designed for BLDC motor control.

Infineon’s large and scalable product portfolio are tailored to high performance and budget requirements - both discrete and highly integrated solutions will help you save system cost and provide maximum motor control efficiency.

With solid industry know-how, Infineon’s solutions for applications like electric water pump and fuel pump ensure high performance, fuel efficiency, and increased lifetime.


With fans and HVAC systems, stable RPM and low mechanical noise are crucial factors. Also, the right product portfolio goes a long way in ensuring robustness and reliability of the system.

Infineon's broad product portfolio addresses a variety of cooling fan and HVAC applications. It enables high reliability due to the extensive diagnostics and protections which are embedded within the System-on-Chip. At the same time, it is possible to control the consumed energy due to intelligent power saving modes.

Infineon components for Pumps & Fans

Infineon Embedded Power ICs

Infineon 32-bit Embedded Power ICs based on ARM® Cortex®-M are specially designed for automotive motor control solutions where space is a premium. Our products are Grade-0 qualified to withstand junction temperatures up to 175°C, enabling high freedom of design. A high level of system reliability is ensured by our chip, which measures in different areas by making use of sensors. Additionally, our product families offer a one-off scalable effort for software, which helps you to design solutions for several segments in a single go.


The new OptiMOS™5 40V benchmark MOSFET technology enables low conduction losses, low switching losses, improved diode recovery and better EMC performance. They can be used in a package to reach high product performances and quality, and are compatible with our family of Embedded Power ICs.


Infineon´s extensive lines of sensors - from TMR-based angle sensors, to Hall-and GMR-based magnetic speed sensors - are the perfect addition to your motor control solution. The majority of sensors feature additional benefits such as integrated capacitors (C-types) for high EMC robustness and the highest levels of ESD protection.

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