Company and Product Brochures

  • Agenda 2020 (en) 7.4 M

    We gear our operations towards long -term customer loyalty and collaboration while engaging with our partners through a high level of trust.
  • The Rutronik Code of Conduct (en) 2.1 M

    To ensure that we are working to the same guidelines, we believe that a few general guiding principles are important. These binding rules create dependability and trust, because they are a reference for everyone.
  • Accustomed values. Respected worldwide. (en) 5.3 M

    Rutronik is one of the leading European broadband distributors of electronic components. Find out about the company's core competencies.
  • Embedded Highlights 10.7 M

    Your reliable source for Boards, Storage & Displays
  • Systematic Logistics (en) 17.9 M

    Fierce competition, increasing cost pressure, shorter product lifecycles and widely differing delivery times – these are the signs of a time that call for new solutions. For example logistics solutions that help you produce quicker, more cost-effective and, above all, free of interruptions.
  • Our portfolio. Unique. (en) 12.3 M

    Changing markets call for new solutions. With a service portfolio extending far beyond the area of just distribution, we have emerged as a major trendsetter and a source of first-class innovation.
  • Rutroniker-2015-en.pdf 20 M

    You can find plenty of information on the Internet of Things and M2M communication in this edition of “Rutroniker”.
  • Data Exchange via EDI (en) 531 K

    EDI describes the electronical, automatical transmisson of information between companies (external) or departments (internal).
  • Added value. Lower costs – better service (en) 6.4 M

    We provide optimum support for you, our customers, in the worldwide supply of a balanced product mix and offer support for the entire range of electronic components.
  • Circuit Protection (en) 6.3 M

    Circuit protection devices interrupt overcurrent events and divert overvoltage surges. They increase safety and enable end products to survive harsh conditions. Most electrical and electronic equipment require circuit protection devices. In many cases they must be installed to comply with safety standards before the end products can be sold or used.
  • AVX Highlights (en) 3.2 M

    AVX Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and interconnect solutions. Virtually all types of electronic devices use AVX passive component products to store, filter or regulate electrical energy.
  • YAGEO Highlights (en) 5.6 M

    Founded in 1977, the Yageo Corporation has become a worldclass provider of passive component services with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
  • LED Technologies (en) 7.4 M

    It was only LED technology that established lighting as a key market for electronics. We have consistently expanded our optoelectronics product range to focus extensively on this market.
  • Smart Highlights (en) 32 M

    Design your SMART Products Perfect symbiosis for environmental sensing, data processing, wireless internet connectivity and high efficient power supply
  • Top 50 components (en) 7.0 M

    The Top 50 selection should give you a taste of our complete portfolio.
  • Embedded Highlights 17.5 M

    Combine Technologies - Realize EMBEDDED Designs - The perfect symbiosis for wireless internet connectivity, powerful mainboards, professional displays and innovative storage solutions.
  • Embedded Highlights 10.7 M

    Your reliable source for Boards, Storage & Displays
  • F&S Embedded Solutions 4.1 M

    Product Families of high-class Embedded Solutions - Expandable, innovative development, customer solutions, excelllent support & protect guarantee.
  • Wireless Technologies (en) 15.8 M

    Cellular, GNSS, RFID and short range wireless solutions Offering a product range that is unrivalled in breadth and depth, Rutronik is established as one of the largest independent global distributors with a very strong focus and technical support on wireless products. Our unique product portfolio is complemented by well-trained engineers locally based around the globe as well as in the wireless competence centre tailored to almost all customer requirements.
  • RFduino Controlled by Smartphone (en) 3.4 M

    Shrink your Arduino to the size of a finger-tip and make it wireless.