Renesas Synergy Workshops

As the industry's first Internet of Things (IoT) platform for embedded developers, Renesas Synergy provides an all-encompassing product offering that will accelerate your embedded development; allowing you to meet market demands before your competitors. Our seminars will grant you access to the professionals behind this industry leading platform who will assist you in identifying which Synergy Kit is ideal for you and your design, bringing the most value to your program testing. Join our industry experts and learn how the Renesas Synergy Platform will allow you to beat your competition by reducing time to market, lowering total cost of ownership and removing barriers to entry.

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Stay ahead of your competitors

The Renesas Synergy™ Platform consists of 5 key elements:

  • Qualified commercial-grade software with a common API
  • Scalable and compatible MCUs
  • Intuitive professional development tools and kits
  • Time-saving end-to-end solutions
  • Click-through licensing plus a collection of specialized add-on software


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