Countdown 9 - Infineon REF-DAB11KIZSICSYS Board

11 kW SiC DC/DC converter for fast DC EV charging

The REF-DAB11KIZSICSYS is a CLLC resonant DC/DC converter board able to provide up to 11 kW at 800 V output voltage. With its highly efficient bi-directional power flow capability and soft switching characteristics it is the ideal building block to speed up the fast prototyping of any EV and ESS charger project.

Summary of Features

  • 11kW at full output voltage range
  • bi-directional power flow capability
  • high peak efficiency >= 97.2%
  • high power density: 4,1 kW/l
  • synchronous rectification
  • 1200 V and 1700 V CoolSiC™ MOSFETs


  • ideal DCDC converter for DC EV charging wallboxes and energy storage systems
  • enables attractive business models (V2G and V2B) for end customers
  • minimum losses during any charging and discharging cycle
  • small size and weight for easy installation
  • low cost per kW on system level

Key components