Product of the week

Intel Nuc Elements

Intel® NUC Elements are an entirely new way to design and build embedded solutions and Mini PCs. The Intel® NUC Compute Element along with a series of Intel® designed components, deliver the flexibility of modular computing. Intel® NUC Elements let you create the exact systems your clients want. Intel® NUC Elements include the Intel® Compute Element, Intel® Board Element, and Intel® Chassis Element, allowing you to develop innovative solutions that can be deployed as embedded devices or full system.



Start with an Intel NUC 8 Compute Element with the exact processor you need and plug it into an Intel NUC Board Element, your own board, or another third-party board, then embed it into your solution to create unique solutions for your customers’ needs. From embedded deployments to rugged systems in unique environments, to full systems in a business or vertical environment, the Intel NUC Elements let you deliver custom solutions with minimal R&D time.


  • Driving Innovation for your Custom Solutions
  • Simple, Flexible, Powerful
  • Modular Computing made easy