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Infineon – EasyPACK™ CoolSiC™ Automotive MOSFET – FF08MR12W1MA1_B11A

EasyPACK™ 1B, 7.33 mΩ halfbridge module combining the new CoolSiC™Automotive MOSFET 1200V technology, a NTC temperature sensor and the proven PressFIT contact technology.
With the full automotive qualification, the field of applications for CoolSIC™ is now extended to high voltage automotive applications with high efficiency and switching frequency requirements, such as HV/HV DC-DC step-up converters, multiphase inverters and fast-switching auxiliary drives like fuelcell compressors.


  • High gate threshold voltage preventing parasitic turn-on (Vth = 4.4 V)
  • IGBT compatible driving voltage (VGS = -5/+15 V)
  • Intrinsic diode with low reverse recovery
  • RDS(on) = 7.33 mΩ (typical)
  • Low stray inductance 5 nH
  • Blocking voltage 1200 V
  • Low switching losses
  • Low Qg and Crss
  • Tvjop = 150°C
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • RoHS complian


  • Easy system assembly (PressFIT contact technology for solderless mounting)
  • Easy design (Integrated module solution with optimized thermal management)
  • Superior reliability (gate oxide and cosmic ray robustness)
  • Flexibility (half bridge concept for flexible inverter design)
  • Automotive qualified according AQG 324

Target applications

  • Hybrid und Battery Electric Vehicles
  • Commercial, Construction and Agriculture Vehicles
  • HV/HV DC-DC Converter
  • Main Inverter
  • Auxiliary Drives