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Littelfuse PPTCs

Overcurrent circuit protection can be accomplishedwith the use of either a traditional fuse or PTC (positive temperature coefficient) device. PTCs are typically used in a wide variety of telecom, computer, consumer electronics, battery and medical electronics product applications where overcurrent events are common and automatic resettability desired. Littelfuse offers PTCs with the following general forms and features, and come in a variety of sizes and capacities:

Surface Mount Devices:

  • A full range of compact footprints from 0402 to 2920
  • Hold current ratings from 0.035A to 7.0A
  • Voltage ratings from 6V to 60V
  • Very fast trip time
  • Low resistance down to 7 mΩ (R1max)

Radial Leaded Series:

  • Hold current ratings from 0.1A to 14.0A
  • Voltage ratings from 6V to 72V
  • Low trip-to-hold current ratio
  • Low resistance

Battery Strap Devices:

  • Narrow and low profile design for high application flexibility
  • Weldable band nickel terminal for automated assembly
  • Low resistance for extended battery run time


If your application requirements fall outside of our product range, in certain instances we can offer customized