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RECOM – RACM1200-V – 1200 Watt AC/DC enclosed Power Supply

The RACM1200-V series is setting a new benchmark for compactness in the class of AC power supplies for reliable fan-less operation supporting long term system availability.

A special baseplate cooled design supports heat transfer to allow up to 1000W continuous output power. Up to 1200 Watt output power is available for up to 10 seconds and in boost mode operation or for extended time with sufficient system airflow through the unit. A wide output voltage adjustment range and a combination of constant current limitation and hiccup mode settings makes the product multipurpose. The various analogue control and monitoring functions are accessible via connector. Optional firmware settings available on project base.

The RACM1200-V Series can be limited to inherently fail-safe settings on request, using smart, controlled, fault-limiting functions. An adjustable 12V system fan output and a 1.5kVAC isolated auxiliary stand by output of 5VSB/1A are available to power the application's housekeeping functions. Peak efficiency reaches up to 95% and in standby mode, the unit is compliant to ecodesign requirements.

The product holds worldwide safety files to medical, industrial and ITE standards along with electromagnetic compatibility compliance with class A immunity and class B emissions. All these features make the product one of the easiest to integrate modular power solutions in the industry.

Excellent thermal performance especially in applications that do not allow the use of a fan.

Target Applications

  • Medical and industrial automation machinery
  • food preparation applications
  • Medical surgery beds and chairs
  • Robotics
  • automated medical analytic machinery
  • Laser related machine
  • UV-Lightning applications
  • LED light panels
  • charging related equipment


  • Up to 1000 Watt fan-less power / 1200W boost
  • Designed and made in Europe
  • Efficiency according to 80 Plus Platinum Limits
  • Wide Operating temperature range -40...+80°C
  • Certified to Industrial, and medical standards
  • Analogue control & monitor function