Bluetooth LE Audio – Better Listening Experience
06/07/2023 Knowledge

Bluetooth LE Audio (low energy audio) has the potential to fundamentally change our audio experience, whether through “silent disco” or improved…

Aid With Selecting the Right EEPROMs - Connected to the Memory Correctly
06/01/2023 Knowledge

Their space and energy-saving properties make EEPROMs the ideal choice for mobile devices and IoT applications. They are also essential when using…

Quartz Crystals, Oscillators, and Real-Time Clocks – Delivery Capability Thanks to own Quartz Crystal Production
02/22/2023 Knowledge

The supply chain disruptions that have occurred in many markets have also had an impact on quartz crystals, oscillators, and real-time clocks.…

Tantalum Polymer Capacitors – Effective Decoupling
02/08/2023 Knowledge

Decoupling capacitors do more than just prevent voltage drops and pulse peaks on the supply lines from reaching the circuit in the application and…

Energy-Efficient Components Support Climate Protection
01/25/2023 Knowledge

Developing Devices to EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC

Needless to say, climate protection is something that concerns us all. But climate…