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What is the difference between 2D NAND, 3D NAND and 3D XPoint flash memory?

Created by Patrick Twele, Product Sales Manager Storage, Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH |   Knowledge

Flash memory has supplanted other memory technologies in almost all market segments. Its success can be attributed to cost reduction through structure minimization, more information saved per cell thanks to various voltage levels (MLC and TLC flash memory), and new software features.

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New at Rutronik: VL53L1 ToF-Sensor by ST

Created by Stephan Menze |   Knowledge

The VL53L1CXV0FY/1 from STMicroelectronics is a state-of-the-art, Time-of-Flight (ToF), laser-ranging sensor, enhancing the FlightSense™ product family. It is the fastest miniature ToF sensor on the market with long-distance accurate ranging up to 400cm and fast ranging frequency up to 50Hz. The VL53L1CXV0FY/1 is available at as of now.


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Control Integrated Power System (CIPOS™) Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) family by Infineon


The CIPOS™ IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances, to fans, pumps and general purpose drives. Infineon's energy-efficient IPMs integrate the latest power semiconductor and control IC technology leveraging Infineon's advanced IGBTs, MOSFETs, next-generation gate driver ICs and state-of-the-art thermo-mechanical...

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Rutronik presents the new AECLOUD1 Kit for Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox

Created by Zibo Su |   Knowledge

The AE-CLOUD1 kit demonstrates the Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox which enables users to connect their IoT applications to enterprise cloud vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google with minimum effort and no cumbersome licensing. The AE-CLOUD1 kit is available at as of now.


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New at Rutronik: Multi size and multi frequency oscillators from Kyocera

Created by Jochen Neller |   Knowledge

The Kyocera Z series consists of three new surface mount type clock oscillators. They offer high stability combined with low current consumption. The oscillators are available with a very short lead-time at as of now.

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