Supplier Knowledge

Rutronik presents Gate Drivers from Diodes

created by Andreas Glaser |   Suppliers

The gate drivers of the „DGD“ series of Diodes simplify the switching of two N-channel MOSFETs or two IGBTs in a half-bride configuration. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. From now on they are available on the e-commerce platform

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What Needs To Be Considered When Developing a Switched-Mode Power Supply Unit?


Switched-mode power supply units have replaced traditional linear PSUs in many applications. The transformer plays a key role in their development.

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Rutronik presents new ultra-low cost BT5 solution

created by Sarah Brucker |   Suppliers

The nRF52810 from Nordic Semiconductor is an extremely power efficient and high performance multiprotocol SoC supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols. It is available at as of now. The SoC has been designed to offer advanced features such as Bluetooth 5 and a powerful ARM Cortex®-M4 CPU at a level that makes it compelling for even the lowest cost Bluetooth...

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Rutronik presents high-current connectors from Amphenol

created by Harun Ilhan |   Knowledge

The high-current connectors of Amphenol FCI‘s „SheerPwr Circular“ series are reliable and robust. They are now available on the e-Commerce-Plattform

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New at Rutronik: minimized pressure and temperature sensor from Infineon

created by Solience Ngansso |   Suppliers

With the DPS310, Infineon offers a miniaturized digital barometric air pressure sensor with a high accuracy level and low current consumption. It is available at distributor Rutronik as of now.

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