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Rutronik presents the new accelerometer from Bosch Sensortec

Created by Julia Mössner |   Knowledge

Rutronik is adding the BMA400 accelerometer from Bosch Sensortec to its portfolio. It features ultra-low power consumption without compromising on performance. The sensor is available to order on

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Solutions for industrial robots by Infineon


Robots have been an essential part of the production process for high volume goods for a very long time. However, when there is a non-standard working environment, where it has to deal with many different materials, shapes, context specific tasks, it did not have any economic value to introduce too much automation and therefore the work was done manually.

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Now at Rutronik: The S3A1 Microcontroller Group for the Renesas Synergy Software Package

Created by Zibo Su |   Knowledge

Along with the version update v.1.4.0 for the Synergy Software Package (SSP),

Renesas releases a new group of microcontrollers for the SSP. The S3A1 group is ideally suited for all applications that require a high level of security and IoT device-to-cloud connectivity. It is now available from stock at

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Transcend 3D-Nand


As planar NAND flash technology has reached its physical scaling limits and further die shrinking would come along with a decrease in reliability and higher costs, 3D NAND was developed by vertically stacking cells in several layers.

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Rutronik presents the new generation of MOSFET relays from Omron

Created by Norman Majer |   Knowledge

Thanks to the new S-VSON technology, the G3VM series from Omron is

characterized by a very small form factor. It is suitable in particular for high current and low on-resistance.



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