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Alternative for SRAMs: New 8-Mbit-FRAM from Fujitsu

Created by Isabell Weinlein |   Knowledge

Fujitsu is launching the 8-Mbit-FRAM with the highest density up to date: the MB85R8M2T (Distribution: Rutronik) memory is an ideal solution to eliminate batteries for SRAM in industrial machinery. It is particularly suitable for applications where high data throughput is required and data integrity is critical.

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Renesas S5 Synergy Inverter Kit

Created by Zibo Su |   Knowledge

The reference design of the Renesas YROTATE-IT-S5D9 kit for controlling three-phase permanent magnet motors considerably reduces the time required for prototyping and thus the development process. The kit is based on the Renesas Synergy 32bit MCU S5D9 and is now available at

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Rutronik adds adaptable and compact power modules from ST to its portfolio

Created by Mirko Vogelmann |   Knowledge

With ACEPACK, ST launches a new series of adaptable, compact and easier

package power modules. They are perfectly suited for simple, efficient and rugged industrial motor designs up to 30 kW. The power modules are now available in two versions, ACEPACK 1 and ACEPACK 2, at

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New, energy-efficient power supply series from RECOM now available at Rutronik

Created by Axel Stangl |   Knowledge

RECOM’s latest 15W and 20W AC/DC power supplies are designed for low power IoT and household applications. Based on the footprint of the compact RAC10-K modules, these new modules feature high-efficiency over a wide load range and minimal standby power consumption. They are available at as of now.


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Fully integrated air quality sensor offers greater sensitivity at PM2.5 to help combat the cause of potentially fatal health problems

Created by Maria Alejandra Salazar Martinez |   Knowledge

Extending its portfolio of environmental sensing solutions, Rutronik is now offering the B5W-LD0101 air quality sensor from Omron. Designed to detect particulate matter measuring less than 2.5μm in diameter, it provides a high level of sensitivity in a compact form-factor and is suitable for use in air purifiers and HVAC systems, as well as other forms of air monitoring equipment.


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