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Need electricity? Recom turns its attention to battery management systems in the automotive area

Created by STEVE ROBERTS, CTO AT RECOM POWER |   Knowledge

From very small to very big: The (automotive) industry requires power supplies in many different designs and of particular quality. Recom covers almost all high-end areas. An overview.

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Semiconductor switches for electronic fuses - Safe is secure

Created by Ralf Hickl, Product Manager at Rutronik |   Knowledge

Fuses are used in many fields of power electronics. Until recently, cables, consumers and voltage sources were generally protected by safety fuses. Using semiconductors brings advantages.

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Horticulture Lighting - En route to the high-rise farm with LEDs

Created by Safa Demir, Product Sales Manager at Rutronik |   Knowledge

Vertical agriculture will be taking an increasingly important role in the agricultural sector. Because with the latest LED technology it is possible to cultivate an extremely wide variety of plants, saving space and positively affecting their growth, completely without sunlight. Efficient lighting solutions are needed here.

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Low-Power-Cellular | NB1 and M1: Cellular technologies for the Internet of Things

Created by Sarah Brucker, Product Sales Manager Wireless |   Knowledge

The LTE categories NB1 and M1 are becoming increasingly popular. Each year, the number of devices with low power cellular standards is growing by an average of over 100 million devices, claims market research company Berg Insight AB in its latest report Cellular and LPWAN IoT Device Ecosystems. Cellular standards with new embedded SIM solutions are experiencing an additional upturn in demand.

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