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Ready for IoT

created by Daniel Barth, Senior Marketing Manager Wireless at Rutronik |   Rutronik

Bluetooth technology plays a major role in the Internet of Things (IoT) – with 8.2 billion Bluetooth-equipped smartphones, Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth devices already in use today. With Bluetooth 5, this is set to grow massively.

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GDPR: What do software and hardware developers need to know?

created by Bernd Hantsche, head of the embedded and wireless division at Rutronik |   Rutronik

May 25, 2018 is the deadline for implementing the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After this date, practically all companies that process personal data will have to have implemented extensive measures to protect this very data. And this doesn’t just affect European...

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Rutronik Presents LCD Modules from Seacomp-Displaytech

created by Vincenzo Santoro |   Knowledge

Manufacturer Seacomp-Displaytech is offering an alphanumeric LCD module that can be flexibly adapted to a variety of applications in the form of the 162 Series 16x2 standard display. It is in stock and available now in two versions from


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New at Rutronik – a Versatile Matrix Graphical Display from Seacomp-Displaytech

created by Vincenzo Santoro |   Rutronik

A new addition to Rutronik’s range of products is the new 64x128 display module from Seacomp-Displaytech, a matrix graphical display that is flexible in use and available in a number of versions. They are in stock and available now at


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Greater performance and power efficiency with a smaller footprint


Be it in the end customer segment, automotive market or industry: Increasingly powerful applications demand power inductors that deliver ever-greater efficiency in the most compact size possible. A solution to this problem is provided by composite power inductors.

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