E-Paper Display HINK-E0213A189

Whether for price tags on supermarket shelves, on displays for heatingsystems at home or for reading e-books, e-paper displays (EPD) are becoming increasingly popular.

The main difference between EPDs - also known as e-paper displays - and conventional

display types is that the former operates on a purely passive basis. This means that they have no backlighting like LCD displays and no light-emitting pixels as OLED displays do, instead relying on ambient light.

This means that they are still very easily readable even in bright light and intense sunlight - basically just like real, printed paper.

Our HINK-E0213A189 is a prime example for such a display. This rectangular 2.13" e-paper has a resolution of 122 x 250 pixel (130 dpi), is approx. 1 mm ultra-thin and comes still with an outstanding viewing angle and an excellent contrast ratio. It has an outline dimension of 29.20 x 59.20 mm and an Active Area size of 23.71 × 48.55 mm. HINK-E0213A189 does not need a backlight, moreover, it is very light and consumes very low power. This e-paper display is very suitable for electronic shelf-labelling applications, metering devices, smart home, smart storage and logistics and wearables. The item is available in the standard colors black/white, black/white/red and black/white/yellow. The operating temperature ranges from 0°C to +80°C.