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WIR elektronik: The center for smart home electronics in Münsterland

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Technology that makes life easier – that is the underlying principle of all products manufactured by the company WIR elektronik from Stadtlohn. A smart home should provide comfort, save energy, and break down any potential barriers. However, a connected home should also be one thing above all else: a solution for everybody rather than just for technology fans!

Founded in 2014 by owner and industry expert Wilhelm Rademacher, the site of WIR elektronik in Stadtlohn had to be expanded just three years later. Development, production, and sales are all housed under one roof on Hölderlinstraße. Nothing has stood in the way of the development of new products following the extension of the site and the growth of the WIR team.

The way in which WIR products are developed, meanwhile, has not changed: Anyone can use WIR elektronik technology instantly. It is easy to operate and completely self-explanatory. Each individual decides for themselves how much technology is used. From stand-alone aids to a radio-controlled smart home with the help of the WIR CONNeCT app, the WIR product range has something for everybody.

Particularly special is the fact that the individual WIR products can also be used as modules in complex solutions. Older shutters on an existing house, for example, can be quickly transformed into a smart system without the need for major building works thanks to the flexibility of eWickler, eAktor, and eUhr. When the sun is especially intense, the shutters are then automatically lowered, for instance, or operated by radio control or timer. The automatic operation also makes it look like someone is at home while on vacation, which is another advantage and an important way of scaring off potential burglars.

WIR elektronik also provides real peace of mind in the event of a fire with its eUhr Smart Safe solution, because the system's battery buffering feature ensures that purely electronic shutters remain operational even if the power fails. Fitted in a deep flush-mounted socket and connected to the 230-volt mains, the eUhr Smart Safe is a timer switch and automatic interface in one. Thanks to the integrated lithium polymer battery, a connected 12-volt tubular motor can be opened and closed up to twenty times. The eUhr Smart Safe is especially clever, because it even clears the escape route fully automatically: If the smoke alarm sounds in the room, the shutters are automatically raised.

For those who want full control over their smart home, WIR elektronik supplies the WIR CONNeCT Gateway, a central control unit. The system permits the intelligent connection and control of WIR products and other manufacturers' components. With the corresponding WIR CONNeCT-App for iOS and Android, the individual smart home components can be conveniently operated and connected to automation scenarios. The WIR principle also applies here: It is always about technology that makes life easier for everyone - and not just technology fans.

WIR elektronik also relies on Rutronik24 for the same reason. The shop is easy and intuitive to use and the service and advice are outstanding - a good addition to the clever products from the Münsterland region.