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Who is actually... Serap Akbaba?

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Serap Akbaba is a communicative person with a cheerful nature. This is immediately noticeable when you speak to her on the phone or face to face – she always has a smile on her face and manages to infect others with her good mood. This is a big advantage, because she works as a customer service assistant at Rutronik24 und helps colleagues in the back office and external sales force to solve any pressing problems.

1. Tell us about your career at Rutronik/Rutronik24

I joined the Rutronik24 family as a customer service assistant in February 2017 on the recommendation of an acquaintance. I support my colleagues in the back office and external sales force wherever they need me and deal with urgent cases - when a customer's production operation grinds to a halt, for example.


2. What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the daily contact with the various departments most of all.


3. "If I won a million euros on the lotto, I would ..."

... donate half of it to charity - for sick children, children's homes, and animal sanctuaries. I would then buy a house with a beach right by the sea with the remaining money.


4. When you approach a difficult task - what helps you to think?

I can get things straight in my mind when I go for a walk with my dog, a nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Nature helps me to gather my thoughts.

5. Where do you prefer to go on vacation and why?

Egypt. The country has an incredibly rich and eventful history, particularly due to the foreign rule after the age of the pharaohs. There are still a number of excavation sites and ancient architectural places of interest. The Red Sea is a paradise for nature lovers with its coral reefs. Many different species of beautiful fish and coral, starfish, dolphins, and much more make to the underwater world one of the world's most beautiful reef areas.

6. Which famous person, living or dead, would you most like to meet and why?

I would have loved to have met Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop." His songs, clothes, and dance moves fascinated me - and especially his charity work, his donations of more than 300 million US dollars to 39 charitable organizations, and his Heal the World Foundation.

7. What food are you unable to resist?

Shellfish with garlic and bell peppers.

8. What couldn't you do without in your life?


9. What is your favorite pastime?

Having barbecues in the garden with the family or going to the theatre to watch a play or musical.