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Who counts on us: RP-Engineering GmbH

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With its high-quality and sustainable solutions in the field of electrical engineering and mechanics, RP-Engineering GmbH has proven to be a proficient service provider for customers in industry and research. The company founded in May 2016 takes a holistic approach to the development strategy and supports its customers from the initial idea to the mass production stage.


For the RP-Engineering team, the quality of its products and the complete satisfaction of its customers are the top priorities. Thanks to the small and agile team, urgent projects can be realized especially quickly and easily.


The company’s strengths include:

·        Design and simulation of parts and assembly groups to make them lighter, smaller, or more efficient

·        Extremely quick and agile project realization

·        Comprehensive customer support from the initial idea to the prototyping and mass production stage

·        Extensive knowledge of the various 3D printing technologies and their suitability for different needs

·        Knowledge of power electronics for lights and motor control

·        Experts in the field of LED light development and as a manufacturer of high-power LED light sources

·        In-house electronics laboratory for the swift production of PCB prototypes

·        In-house light laboratory for the validation of its own and third-party developments

·        Measurement with and application of strain gages


Besides working on developments commissioned by customers, RP-Engineering GmbH also develops its own products for extreme areas. One of these is a diving lamp that has been specially developed for the high demands of technical divers. In addition to complete reliability, the focus here is on perfect luminosity. The SCALEO infinity diving lamp combines two lamps in one in compact form. In the center of the lamp, one single LED with a specially manufactured reflector produces a spot focused on five degrees. This can be used as a pointer to communicate underwater or illuminate objects in the distance. Around the reflector is a ring consisting of ten LEDs, which provide homogeneous light for recording video or illuminating large underwater caves. The lamp system is completely modular and can either be used with a small battery as a hand lamp or with a large battery tank linked to a cable for longer expeditions. The technical data for this unique product is as follows:


Spot: 5° / 1,100 lumens* / 42,000cd (lux@1 m)*

Wide angle: 120° / 6,000 lumens*

Dimensions: D=52mm x L=99 mm

Weight underwater: 133 g / above water: 323 g


*) It should be noted that all figures are actual measured values and not theoretically possible values of the LED. You can find further information on this product, including a short product video, at


RP-Engineering works on the product development in partnership Rutronik, a key supplier of electronics, from the beginning. The good availability of components, such as LEDs and ceramic capacitors, is essential for the product development and forms the basis of the good working relationship. The specialists at Rutronik are also able to provide assistance with difficult matters, always finding the right part or solution.



RP-Engineering GmbH

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Telephone: +49 (0)711 3513 3874