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What we recommend: Renesas Synergy S5D9

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Rotate-it! With Synergy S5D9: The best of both worlds: motor control & networking! Tune your motor in 2 minutes.


Renesas Electronics Europe presents the latest "Rotate-it!" kit! It includes everything you need to get started instantly, even a motor is in the box. Also a PC-tool to quickly tune your own motor. And then the Renesas Synergy ™ Platform comes with a vast range of production-grade software to enable you to add your own functionality - such as various networking options - quickly and at much reduced cost. Try it! Order your Yrotate-it-S5D9 today!

  • 120MHz S5D9 Cortex-M4 MCU up to 2MB Flash
  • Analogue features to reduce system cost
  • Permanent magnet motor (included) up to 48V
  • Field-orientated control with or without sensors
  • Integrated into the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP)
  • Onboard J-Link debugger & flash capabilities

The first 10 kits will be sold for only 99€, ordercode: YROTATE-IT-S5D9