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What we like: The gas level indicator

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Everything's set-up: the sun's shining, the birds are twittering and the grill has been scrubbed until it shines. All your friends are present, the tables are sagging under mounds of salads and the beer is chilling nicely. The only thing you need to do is to pop the steaks on the grill and the party is ready to begin. Full of anticipation and eager to prove that you are still the best grill master in the world, you turn on the gas, but nothing happens. The gas bottle is empty. How embarrassing! And completely avoidable.

The solution for avoiding annoying misfortunes of this kind is six centimetres long, three centimetres wide, one and a half centimetres high, and just 35 grams in weight. It also fits in every trouser pocket. Thanks to its built-in neodymium magnets, this practical little gadget sticks to any commercially available ferromagnetic propane and butane gas bottle. Approximately 2,000 measurements can be made with one battery charge with a standard CR2032 button cell battery.

So, how does it work? After switching it on, move the gas level indicator up and down the outside of the bottle. The LED lights up red on the empty part of the bottle and changes to green as soon as it reaches the part of the bottle which still contains gas. You no longer need to perform the cumbersome job of unclamping, removing and weighing the bottle.

Except when the bottle is empty, of course. And that won't help you very much if you don't have a spare bottle like in the scenario described above. So, make sure you check how full the bottle is before you start grilling, then everything will be fine!

The gas level indicator is available from for €25.95.