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What We Like - Snow Chains in a Bottle

  Newsletter Article

Winter and driving – we can think of a long list of things that go together a lot better. Scraping ice from the windshield, waiting in the cold until the temperature inside the car has finally climbed above freezing, and worse than everything else – snow.

All of these things are enough to ruin your mood on a typical morning before heading off to work. But at least we’ve found an acceptable solution for one problem – namely, how to start a winter morning off right. Too bad the solution isn’t for you, but for your car.

We’re referring to “Snow Grip,” a spray for your tires that is designed to improve traction to help you more easily begin your drive. The Norwegians have been using it for almost 30 years – and if there’s anyone who knows about driving at temperatures below freezing, it’s the Scandinavians. “Snow Grip” is fairly easy to use: simply spray it on your tires and allow it to set for about four to five minutes. The spray works almost like snow chains in a bottle, and is small enough to fit in any glove compartment. 

According to the Norwegian Institute of Technology, the spray improves traction by 100 percent – while the German automobile club ADAC generally doubts the validity of these claims. But they seem to be wrong – both our colleagues and users in online forums have tested “Snow Grip” and the results are unanimous: it works. Obviously this little magic helper can’t completely replace real snow chains, but it does a good enough job of getting your car out of its snowed-in parking space and safely onto the plowed city street.

With a bottle in the glove compartment, you’ll be adequately prepared for those cold winter mornings and can maybe even stay in your warm bed and hit the snooze button one more time, since you won’t have to worry about the beginning of your drive to work. We still haven’t found a solution to the cold and the darkness on winter mornings – but with any luck, there will soon be a spray invented for that, too.