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What we like: Crossboccia

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If you think of boccia (or boules), you probably think of old men leisurely lobbing balls around on a village square beneath large oak trees. It was a game much enjoyed by the Federal Republic of Germany's first Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, when on vacation in Cadenabbia, Italy. Well - Time to change your mind!

A key rule as laid down by the German Boccia Association is that game should only be played on flat, perfectly level ground, within a court of precisely defined dimensions. They are pretty strict about it. So where, in an office, can you find a 26.5 meter long by 4.5 meter wide area that isn't filled up with desks, filing cabinets or work colleagues?

That is where crossboccia comes into play: Instead of metal balls weighing almost a kilogram, it uses soft, highly durable balls made of Ripstop fabric, weighing just 115 grams. The flexible, pellet-filled balls stop dead when they land, and do not roll away. That makes them ideal for playing in an office, but also of course in the open air - on sand, asphalt, grass, or snow. In theory, you can also play water-crossboccia with them, because they float. And with the illuminated Night Pack you can even play in the dark. The balls can also be hand-washed at 30°C.

If anyone's looking for us at break time: the colleagues from the other office have just challenged us to a game. The losers will have to bake a cake. So off we go to defend the honor of our department. And anyway, we can't bake!

You can order a crossboccia set for example from (the inventor), Pro-Idee or - the Family Pack for four players with 12 balls and one marker (target ball) for €49.95, the Night Glow Double Pack for two players with 6 balls and one marker for €26.99.

Click here to read the official rules (Sorry, German version only):