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This will melt the ice

  Newsletter Article

When the weather turns colder and the temperatures drop, we wrap up warm, put on thick socks, and spend the dark evenings by a blazing open fire.

That’s assuming we have an open fire, of course. If not, then we have to make do with the good old hot-water bottle. Our feet get cold especially quickly on frosty days and they can feel like blocks of ice after a long day spent outside.

There are plenty of ways of warming up: A hot-water bottle, a hot shower, or – outdoors – a patio heater all provide warmth. However, there is also another option that works both indoors and outdoors – the Bellardor heater. It heats feet and legs from below instead of focusing the heat in just one place. As a result, the whole body feels warm. At 21.5 centimeters tall with a diameter of 34 centimeters, it is also an extremely space-saving solution and will fit under any table, where it creates a heat zone at 23 degrees Celsius within a radius of approximately 70 centimeters. The heat output underneath the table is enough to keep six people warm.

There is no danger of getting burned, because an automatic control makes sure that the Bellardor doesn’t get any hotter than 60 degrees, which means that you can even rest your feet on it. Unlike your partner, the heater is guaranteed not to complain about the icy shock!

Get the Bellardor heater e.g. from proidee.