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The Swiss army knife among snow shovels

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The snowflakes gently flutter from the sky – and for a number of years they have primarily been falling in January and February rather than during the Christmas period as officially prescribed by folklore. And those residents and commuters who aren’t fortunate enough to be skiing or on vacation will equally curse the chaos on the roads and the snow-covered sidewalks that have to be cleared at an unearthly hour. It’s a real nuisance.

There is one solution, however, that makes clearing snow by hand easier than when using a conventional snow shovel. The "Schneeade" consists of two 50- or 70-centimeter-wide surfaces made of tough yet flexible PVC that can clear away new snow up to 17 centimeters deep in one go, with no shoveling or bending. At the same time, the "Schneeade" is wear-resistant, can withstand road salt and frost at temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, and is easy to clean.

And that's not all: You can also use the "Schneeade" to clear up other debris, ranging from leaves and dirt to water and the remains of the New Year's Eve party, because these things are also no problem for the handy helper. The ten-centimeter blade is ideal for rough paving, while the six-centimeter blade works best on smooth surfaces and stubborn dirt. You can also use the "Schneeade" to reach into corners and gaps.

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