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SUSUMU’s low noise and anti-sulfur thin film structure provides long term stability due to an additional protective layer (inorganic passivation). Characteristics of the resistors are a very low resistance tolerance (±0,05%) and TCR value (±5ppm/°C). The parameters indicate that the RG / HRG / KRL series, all of which are part of our stock-deal program with superb shipping conditions, are very suitable for various automotive, medical or measurement electronics.

RG Series

The RG series ensure anti sulfur and low noise. It is especially reliable on long term against high temperature, humidity and impurities. The characteristics of SUSUMU's resistors are, thanks to an additional protective layer (inorganic passivation), a tolerance of ±0,02% to ±0,5% and a low TCR of ±5ppm/°C. After testing the RG series for 10.000 hours on reliability, the resistance value drift less than ±0.1%. The SUSUMU RG series is RoHs compliant and 100% lead-free.

The main application benefits various high quality industrial, medical and measurement instrumentations and machines. It’s also AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive grade components.

Product Benefits:

·        Long term stability because of protective layer(inorganic passivation)

·        Less than ±0.1% drift after 10.000 hours of reliability test

·        High precision resistance tolerance: ±0.05%, very low TCR: ±5ppm/°C

·        Thin-film structure enabling low noise and anti-sulfur

Market Applications:

·        Automotive electronics

·        Industrial measurement, instrumentation, industrial machines

·        Various sensors, medical electronics


HRG Series

Derived from the RG series, the HRG series was developed. It has a 4x higher rated capacity with the same high precision and reliability of the RG series. The increased performance and heat dissipation is made possible by a wider contact.

The HRG series is characterized by its long term stability in harsh condition. It is suitable for applications where high performance is needed along with high precision and reliability, like robotics, direct current motors and inverters.

The SUSUMUS’ HRG series is RoHs compliant and also 100% lead-free. It ensures anti-sulfur and low noise also further advantages of the thin-film-technology. It comes with a standard size of 1206 and 2512.

Product Benefits:

·        Thin film structure enabling low noise and anti-sulfur

·        Precision resistance tolerance: ±0.1%, low TCR: ±25ppm/°C

·        Long term stability due to SUSUMU thin-film structure

Market Applications:

·        Power source related devices

·        DC motors

·        Inverters

·        Robotics

·        Industrial control systems


KRL Series

The KRL series comes with a long-side and short-side terminal type for different design layouts for customer specific circuit boards. The long- and short-side terminals each have two specific types available (high temperature and low EMF). Both have a high current sensing and handling capability also a wide range of power ratings.


Long-side terminal

Short-side terminal


0603 ~ 5930

0402 ~ 4320

Power rating

0,5W ~ 10W

0,2W ~ 5W

Resistance value range

1m ~ 500mΩ

5m ~ 1000mΩ

Resistance tolerance

1 ~ 5%

1 ~ 2%





Market Applications:

·        Automotive electronics

·        Power source devices

·        ACDC converters

·        DCDC converters

·        Motors

·        Inverters

·        Office automation equipment

We also have sample kits from series KRL & RG series on stock. The kits include values from the E24 and E96 range. The number of values in one kit depends on the product. If you need any further information, e.g. which values are in the kits, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone: +49 7231 801 1516.