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Rutronik Opens New Warehouse and Logistics Center in Austin, USA

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The Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH warehouse in the USA is now fully up and running. Seated in Austin, Texas, it serves as the central distribution center for Rutronik customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The new warehouse and logistics center based in Austin has sufficient capacity to fully supply both legacy and new customers. It maps all processes of the European central warehouse based in Ispringen, Germany. These were brought into line with state-of the-art technology during the new warehouse construction in 2014 to enable orders to be processed even faster. All global warehouses access the same IT system and are networked to each other, ensuring a seamless support and supply for the customers across borders. Thus, Rutronik can ship all components efficiently on a world-wide basis, and do so with the shortest-possible delivery times and transit channels.   


Rutronik began its sales operation in North America with the headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio, in April 2015. Beforehand, deliveries were carried out from the European central warehouse and logistics hub in Asia. "Our start in the USA has clearly exceeded our best expectations. We have not only convinced the majority of our global customers to also conduct their American business with us, we have also gained numerous new local customers and franchises that align with our supplier linecard in EMEA. Now, with our warehouse implementation, we can provide our customers with a best-in-class quality service", explained Jeff Shafer, Vice President North America.